Tale Of A Fallen Flower

Fallen Flower…

3 years ago when I captured this picture it was just like as if it was lying down all day waiting for me to photograph it.It was dying and was eventually draining it’s beauty while I captured this picture.

Yesterday I was beautiful and everybody loved me and I  was young at my age and everytime somebody went past me they looked at me and admired me.But today everything changed and it feels like being so lonely. ..Yesterday I thought that everyone will be aside me all the time and I never thought about my fall,a day when death eventually  appears out of nowhere.I underestimated death thinking I am young and I have time and never thought about death.But today I am nobody just a fallen leaf on a floor dying…

Human beings are quite so.In the most successful years of your life there will be a lot who want to be with you.After you left that phase of your life you will be more like a man living in your long lost memories of the past and spending rest of the days recollecting those yesterdays and vivid memories of different colours.We realise the meaning of our life only in those days when death arrives knocking at your doors.But it will be already too late for correcting the mistakes that you have made in your life.

Dear Friend ,

So Try Hard To Live Your Life As If There Is No Tomorrow…

38 thoughts on “Tale Of A Fallen Flower

  1. Anand… It’s a fact, none of us know about our ‘departure details’. Unfortunately, we have been raised to plan, live with long years of life. that includes our marriage, kids, savings and spending! It creates a rift in our mind. great post

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  2. i can not bear to see a fallen flower because dis scene demoralize me.in feb month ,when my brother in law had passed away then my tears were flowing to see d fallen flowers.i thougt -why could those flowers jointed with their branches.perhaps—-khilte he gul yahaan;khilke bikharne ko…..

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  3. yeah.u r right dt we should try hard to live coz nobody know about tomorrow.aage bhi na jaane tu,peeche bhi na jaane tu;jo bhi he bas yahi ek pal he;kal ye bhi na rahe kar le poori aarzoo….

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